Change log

This site went live in April 2002 and reflects my research (and the generosity of other contributors) of the history of the Austen family – specifically the ancestors of my grandparents; Robert Austen Young and Maisie Free.

June 2017 Updates: 

  • Free Family. Finally added the video of W. H. Free’s march-by in 1910.  Also, cleaned up his Biography page and incorporated new material.
  • Mary Garde-Browne – finally added in Mary’s family tree. Sadly, the church records of the Cork area are not yet available on online so no progress on confirming her parents/grandparents.
  • Nelson based Aiken’s and Gardiner ancestors benefit from many new photographs in the site, thanks to the Nelson Provincial Library releasing their historical photo’s online.
  • A remarkable discovery of Rebecca Sinclair (daughter of Margaret Gardiner) recollections of her grandparents, parents, siblings and life in Nelson around the 1860s to 1890s. That’s Rebecca in the image to the right.
  • Woodgate family. Added a colourised portrait of Mary Harben (nee Woodgate) 

June 2017 Major site change. Moved to a new web hosting supplier, changed to WordPress and the Divi theme. Every page has had to be migrated by hand a process expected to take some weeks to fully complete.

In the process the site becomes Mobile friendly, and I’m able to make changes  online without expensive and complicated software tools (I’m looking at you, Adobe Dreamweaver).

Once the mirgration is completed, the aims are to:

  • add in the many changes & updates stored up over the last few years,
  • fix (ok, reduce) the numerous typos,
  • re-scan images to a much higher quality & add in many additional images,
  • to switch on the ability for visitors to leave comments on each page.

Above, the front page 2002-2017.