Chirldren of William Gardiner and Margaret Reid

The Gardiner’s had six daughters and a son all born in or near Glasgow. They arrived in Nelson NZ from Clyde, 4 November 1842 on the “New Zealand”.

  1. Janet McFarlane Gardiner b. 1825 d. 1871
  2. Margaret Gardiner ?
  3. Mary Gardiner d. 1865
  4. Margaret Gardiner b. 1830 d. 1889
  5. Anne Gardiner
  6. Joseph Gardiner
  7. Henrietta Gardiner  b. 1840

Biographical Details:

Janet McFarlane Gardiner
Born, 1825, Glasgow, Scotland
Married, George Aiken
Died, 1 April 1871,Waimea Road, Nelson, NZ

Arrived in Nelson (from Clyde, Glasgow) on the “New Zealand” 4 November 1842 – which left 4 July 1842. The “New Zealand” was a 455 ton barque and Captained C. H. Worth.

Biographical Details:

Margaret Gardiner
Born, Glasgow, Scotland
Died, Canterbury. NZ

No further details – nor any idea how they seperated this daughter from their other Magaret Gardiner (below)

Biographical Details:

Mary Gardiner
Born, Glasgow, Scotland
Married Charles McGee
Died, 1 April 1871,Waimea Road, Nelson, NZ

Charles NcGee appears persons qualified to serve as jurors in the Province of Nelson for 1852 as a shoemaker in Bridge Street and as a Publican in 1860. In 1867 he has his pub licensing renewed, “Charles McGee, Nelson Hotel”.

Death & Inquest: Nelson Evening Mail, August 1881. “Mary Ann Gardiner – 24 August 1881. An inquest was held at the lunatic asylum yesterday on the body of Mary Ann Gardiner, who was admitted as a hopeless idiot in year 1865 and has been as inmate ever since. Verdict; death from natural causes.”

Biographical Details:

Margaret Gardiner
Born, 1830 Glasgow, Scotland
Married 1 Jan 1849, William Charles Hodgson
Died, 1889 Nelson, NZ


Margaret and William had fourteen children. 

William Charles Hodgson (28 September 1826 in Chorley, Lancashire, England, Died 28 July 1894), was nephew of Sir Henry Tate, founder of the Tate Gallery, and listed as being a farmer in ‘suburban south’ in the 1852 jurors list, an as a schoolmaster in the 1860 jurors list). He was for many years Inspector of Schools in both the Nelson and Marlborough districts.

Had issue of

  • Agnes Hodgson.
  • Rebecca Lee Hodgson, b. 29 Sept 1851: Married George Bell Sinclair (b. 1849 d. 1923)  20 Jan 1875, See Recollections to the below, and photograph.
  • Lal 
  • Charles Hodgson (1859-1911), who married Jessie Whitwell, their son was Lionel Hodgon (1881-1937) who married Lucy Violet Frost and had issue of Lyall Hodgson 1910-1966.

A significant amount of information is available to those interested in the Hodgsons family – Lyall Hodgson’s genealogical files are available at the Nelson Provincial Museum.

Signifciantly more information is avaiable in Mary Skipworth’s research.

Above: likely to be Margaret Hodgson.

Below: William Charles Hodgson, around early 1890s

Source: A FEW RECOLLECTIONS OF MY EARLY LIFE IN NELSON by REBECCA LEE SINCLAIR July 1932  [Third child of Margaret & William Hodgson]

My father and his brother James settled on land at Wakapuaka after some years’ hard labour on their father’s farm a few miles from Nelson. There were no roads to their farm, only a track by the sea coast and stores had to be packed on your back and a small hill surmounted before getting to the farm house. There were few shops and only the barest necessities to be obtained. Everyone was poor and even if you had the money there was little opportunity of spending it. I have heard my father say how welcome the gifts from England were – a cask of nails used in house-building was invaluable. Their first house they brought out from England ready to put together. I feel that my father had no hand in that as he was no carpenter. When the family were over the first hardships my father left them to their own resources and built a small house for himself as he had met my mother, a young happy girl of Scotch parentage and they were married on New Year’s Day when she was only eighteen and my father a few years older. Her maiden name was Margaret Gardiner and she had several sisters and a brother besides my grandfather and grandmother living on a farm near Bishopdale. The old man earned a living by rope making and I well remember the rope walk and heckling house as a small child. He was a good Presbyterian and an elder of the church – a man whom everyone respected.

Left: Rebecca Lee Sinclair (nee Hodgson)

Biographical Details:

Anne Gardiner
Born, Glasgow, Scotland
Married, Robert Aiken (younger brother of George Aiken who married Janet McFarlane Gardiner) – he dies in 1890
Re-married, James Gammack in 1891
Died, 1889 Nelson, NZ

Biographical Details:

Joseph Gardiner
Born, Glasgow, Scotland
Married, and at least one son.
Died, Nelson, NZ

He appears in the list of persons qualified to serve as jurors in the Province of Nelson for the year 1860-61, “Gardiner, Joseph, Nelson, ropemaker.”

He appears in the Nelson Examiner:

  • offering his services and a team of bullocks to assist the Taranaki refugees (15 August 1860)
  • being “fined seven shillings and six pence for having permitted three head of cattle to wander at large” in December 1860,
  • fined £1 & costs for leaving his bullock cart remaining in Bronti street on the night of 15 July 1862 (12 July 1862)
  • Judgment against him for £20 9s 6d, being the amount of an overdue acceptance – 19 January 1864
  • A birth notice for a son for Mrs Joseph Gardiner on 21 April 1864 (published 12 May 1864.)
  • being paid £40 for ‘Gravelling, Nile Street west’ from the Nelson Board of Works 30 July 1864.
  • Fined £3 for driving a Hackney Carriage in the city of Nelson without a license (14 Feb 1865).
  • Objection to him being on the list of Voters, on the grounds that his property had sold – 2 May 1868.

The late Accident at Wangapeka. — Mr. Gardiner, working-manager at the Doran mine, who accidentally fell off a stage and injured himself on the 8th instant, has been brought into town. We are glad to find the rumour of broken bones is unfounded, although the bruises sustained by Mr. Gardiner were very severe, and will cause him to lay up for some little time.  (20 Jan 1872)

Biographical Details:

Henrietta Gardiner
Born, 17 April 1840, Glasgow, Scotland
Married, John Wilson, 29 December 1860
Died, Nelson, NZ

Henrietta is described as the youngest daughter.

They had sons born on 15 June 1862 and on 14 May 1865.

John Wilson is listed in the persons qualified to serve as jurors in the Province of Nelson as a Gentleman of Waimea South) on 5 September 1860 in Nelson. John is listed as being elected to the Local Education Committee in 1856 (serving with his future father-in-law).

Right: Mr J. Wilson. This is image 39587 from the collection of the Nelson Provincial Museum. It’s likely but not certain to be the same John Wilson. The Museum has 224 ‘Wilson’ images – most are not dated and are only identified by surname.