Gardiner Family

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Biographical Details:

Janet McFarlane Gardiner
Born, 1825, Glasgow, Scotland
Married, George Aiken, 1844, in Scotland
Died, 1 April 1871,Waimea Road, Nelson, NZ

Arrived in Nelson (from Clyde, Glasgow) on the “New Zealand” 4 November 1842 – which left 4 July 1842. The “New Zealand” was a 455 ton barque and Captained C. H. Worth.

Biographical Details:

William Gardiner
Born 1803
Married, Margaret Reid, 27 June 1823, Glasgow, Scotland.
Died 2 September 1869

At the time of their marriage William Gardiner’s occupation is listed as a Tanner. On the birth of his daughter Henrietta (1840) his occupation is listed as a Ropemaker living at 207 Duke Street, Glasgow, Scotland.

The Gardiner family appear to have emigrated through the New Zealand Company. I haven’t found direct evidence of this but note that William sought compensation through the Provincial Council (source: Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 14 May 1859, Page 4)

The claim of Mr. William Gardiner is, that he was induced by the resident agent to take land for the purposes of a rope-walk, with the promise of being put into possession of it, but that, on the reselection, the said land fell into other hands, whereby the company could not fulfil the engagement, which materially injured his prospects.

He was successful in pursuing this claim and in on 17 May 1859 Provincial Council awarded him £40 – the maximum available. (source Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 21 May 1859, Page 3)

Arrived in Nelson, New Zealand from Clyde, in the ‘New Zealand” in 4 November 1842.

In 1849 he was noted as a ropemaker, Suburban South, (now Stoke) Nelson. He appears In the list of persons qualified to serve as jurors in the Province of Nelson:

Year 1852-53, “Gardiner, William, Waimea-road, ropemaker”
Year 1860-61, “Gardiner, William, Waimea-road, ropemaker”

Outside of his professional rope making activities he appears to have been very active in both formal education and in the actives of the Nelson Presbyterian Church.

Elected to the Education Committee for the Town of Nelson – Gazetted 30 September 1857. And, re-elected 1859 – Nelson Examiner 4 July 1860 page 2. Elected to the Nelson School Society, 7 April 1858.

Appears in the Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle on, 30 October 1858, Page 3

Spring Grove. — On Monday the twelfth anniversary of the Spring Grove Sabbath School was celebrated by a tea. party, which included about 180 children and adults. After tea, which took place in school-room, a public meeting was held. The Rev. D. Dolamore took the chair, and several interesting addresses were delivered by Messrs. Gardiner, Hildreth, Campbell, White, and the chairman.

Appears in the Nelson Examiner in 1 January 1859, as follows:

Waimea East. — The anniversary of the Appleby Sunday School was celebrated on Wednesday last by a tea-party and public meeting. A considerable number of persons sat down to tea, including forty children ; and after tea Mr. Campbell was called to the chair. Mr. Bryant, the superintendent of the school, read the report. Addresses were then delivered by Messrs. E. and T. Hodder, Gapper, Bryant, Gardiner, and others, and a very interesting evening was passed.

Appears in the Nelson Examiner in 11 February 1864, as follows:

Presbyterian Church. — A soiree, in connection with the Sabbath School of the Presbyterian Church, took place on Tuesday evening, January 19, in the Temperance Hall, Bridge street, and was largely attended, there being present, together with the Sabbath scholars, a considerable number of their parents and others interested in the cause. The Rev. P. Calder presided ; and suitable addresses were delivered by the Chairman, and by Messrs. Gardiner, Gibbons, and Rcntoul.

His obit in the Nelson Evening Mail is very short! (right)

An unsourced obit transcribed at the Nelson Provincial Museum, states: William Gardiner aged 67 years. “He was an old settler having arrived in Nelson from Clyde, in the ‘New Zealand” in Oct 1842. For several years he was rope making and cordage. Died 2 September 1869 and buried at the Old Cemetery.”

And, in the Nelson Examiner on 11 September 1869, page 2, the following appeared:

On the 2nd September, in Waimea-road, Mr. William Gardiner, aged 67 years. Mr. Gardiner was an old settler, having arrived in Nelson from the Clyde, in the New Zealand, in October, 1842, and being a ropemaker was one of the earliest colonists to turn to practical account the phormlum tenax, on which he employed himself for several years in making rope and cordage, Mr. Gardiner was deservedly respected by a large circle of friends.


The Gardiner’s had six daughters and a son all born in or near Glasgow. They arrived in Nelson NZ from Clyde, 4 November 1842 on the “New Zealand”.