Children of Mary Harben and Mary Woodgate

Mary Elizabeth Harben, b. 1793

Henry Harben, b. 1793

Robert Austen Harben, b. 1797

Susanna Maira Harben, b. 1785

Louisa Harben, b. 1798

Frederick Harben, b. 1803

Susanna Maira Harben, b. 1803

Edward Harben, b. 1803

Chares Henry Harben, b. abt 1805

Caroline Harben, b. 1808

Sophia Harben, b. 1809/10 uncertain

Cecilia Harben, b. 1809/10 uncertain – died in childhood

Charlotte Augusta Harben, b. 1810

Susan Harben, b. uncertain date

Emily Harben, b 1814

Ellen Harben, b. 1816

Thomas Henry Harben, b. uncertain date

Mary Elizabeth Harben Christened 17 September 1793, St Anne’s, Lewes, Sussex

Henry Harben, Born about 1793, christened 17 August 1795 at St Anne’s, Lewes, Sussex. Married Sarah Andrade (1798-1870), the daughter of Benjamin da Costa Andrade, a Whitechapel merchant of Portuguese Jewish descent. He continued in his father’s cheese trade, and was his partner in a cheesemonering firm in the 1820s. By 1830 he was in a partnership with William Larking. Around 1830 Henry left the family to live with Mary Anne Roberts, with whom he had two more children. He went bankrupt in 1835. He died in 1868. More on this branch can be found here. They had seven or eight children of which four survived childhood, including:

  • Henry Harben, Sir, (b., 24 August 1823. d., 2 December 1911)
    Known as the Napoleon of insurance. Developing the British Prudential Insurance Company into one of the pioneer commercial marvels of the 19th century. In 1885 the company had 12,096,885 policies in force (nearly a third of the total population in the UK) along with 14,000 agents and 3,400 medical referees.
    Prior to his Prudential days he worked for his uncle, Charles Henry Harben, in the Whitechapel stores for several years, after which he was articled to a surveyor. On 1 August 1846 he married Ann (d. 1883), daughter of James Such; his two surviving children:

    • Mary Woodgate Harben 1874-1936. Married in 1899 to Thomas Wharrie,
    • Henry Andrade Harben, born 1848, director and chairman of the Prudential, and author of A Dictionary of London (1917), married Mary Frances James, he died 18 August 1910. Their son, Henry Devenish Harben, 1874-1967) supplied much of the Harben family information in Sir Austen Chamberlain’s 1915 book Notes of the families of Chamberlain and Harben.
  • Benjamin Harben, 1826-1891, who ran a wholesale business, Harben & Co, Swan Lane, London.
  • Sarah Harben, 1821-1886
  • Julia Harben
  • Emily Harben
  • two further sons who died in infancy and two further daughters who may have died in 1832

Robert Austen Harben: (2nd son). Christened 4 January 1797, St Anne’s, Lewes, Sussex. Died of consumption on 16 August 1820, age 23. Source: The Times of London newspaper (18 Aug 1820 page 4)

Susanna Maira Harben, Born 16 June 1785, Christened 27 June 1785, St Thomas in the Cliffs, Lewes, Sussex. It is assumed she died before 1803

Louisa Harben Christened, 4 May 1798, St Anne’s, Lewes, Sussex.

Frederick Harben, Christened 14 September 1803, Saint Dunstan, Stepney, London

Susanna Maira Harben, Christened 14 September 1803, Saint Dunstan, Stepney, London

Edward Harben, Christened 14 September 1803, Saint Dunstan, Stepney, London

Charles Henry Harben born about 1805 in London (based on his age given in the 1851 and 1861 Census returns), married Anne Alsop, 26 April 1837 in Derby. He is listed as a Cheesemonger of Whitechapel in 1842 (London Gazette, 25 January 1842) and as a Provisions Merchant in the ’51 & ’61 census returns. Died before the 1871 Cenus as Anne is listed as a widow and living with their son; Charles Henry Harben in London. Known to have had five children:

  • Charles Henry Harben (b. abt 1841, 3 children)
  • Frederick Harben (b, abt 1845)
  • Alfred Harben (b, abt 1846)
  • Catherine Harben (b abt 1847)
  • Lucy Harben (b, abt 1849)

Caroline Harben, (the ninth child) born, 25 July 1808, Christening 28 March 1832 (yes, 1832 – not a typo). Died, 20 August 1875, married 26 March 1835, to Joseph Chamberlain (1796-1874). For considerably more information click here. Their son,
Joseph Chamberlain, was the master of the Cordwainers’ Company and father to:

  • Joseph Austen Chamberlain, Sir Austen, (1863-1937), Chancellor of the Exchequer, Leader of the Conservative Party, Foreign Secretary, Finalised the Locaino Treaty, a mutual agreement between GB, Germany, France, Italy and Belgium to settle disputes by peaceful means – for which he shared a Nobel Peace Prize with the US Vice-president. The Locaino Treaty, while totally ineffective in preventing WW2, served as a foundation for the United Nations.
    Married Ivy Muriel Dundas (1878-1941)
    • Joseph Chamberlain (1907-1979)
    • Beatrice Diane Chamberlain (photo) (1912-1999)
    • Lawrence Endicott Chamberlain (1917-2003)
  • Arthur Neville Chamberlain (1869-1940) English Prime Minster.

Above: Caroline Harben, drawn at the time of her marriage in 1835

Below: Caroline Harben in 1859.

Sophia Harben, born before Charlotte Augusta Harben and died about 15 or 16 years of age.

Cecilia Harben, died in childhood

Charlotte Augusta Harben, Born 23 July 1810. Christening 28 March 1832 (yes, 1832 not a typo). Married Edward Bailey. More on this branch can be found here.

Susan Harben, married Edward Bailey (she died and he re-married Charlotte Augusta Harben – her sister)

Biographical Details:

Emily Harben
Born, 26 September 1814, Grove Road, London.
Christening, 28 March 1832 (at the same time as her sisters, Caroline, Ellen, and Charlotte)
Married, Andrew Davidson Young, 26 June 1838 at the Carter Lane Chapel, London, UK
Died, 14 May 1888, Westport, NZ

On her marriage entry in 1838 her address, and witness P H Harben, is recorded as being 9 John Street (presumably in London) and the other witness Ellen Harben as living at Camberwell.

She appears on the 1841 UK Census as living at 3 Springfield Terrence

See Andrew Davidson Young for details of their children


Young.— On May 14, at Westport, Emily Harben, relict of the late A. D. Young, Esq., Dundee, Scotland, and beloved mother of Mr H. W. Young. Aged -74.

As reported in the Grey River Argus (Westport, New Zealand) on 15 May 1888.

Ellen Harben, Born 19 November 1816, Christened 28 March 1832. Died 1879. Married, about 1845, Stanton William Preston. According to census returns 1851,61,71 & 81 he was a wholesale druggist. Their children:

  • Stanton Preston
  • Ellen Preston, (b, abt 1847) who was a suffragette, a librarian and the 1st Lady Mayoress of Worthing.
  • Edith Preston (b, abt 1849)
  • Jessie Preston (b, abt 1851)

Thomas Henry Harben who married Jane Durand